The Stranger Beside Me details how Ann Rule (Barbara Hershey), a smart and savvy veteran crime reporter, allowed herself to be bamboozled by baby-faced serial killer Ted Bundy (Billy Campbell). Working side by side with Bundy as a volunteer at a Seattle rape crisis center in 1971, Rule had no clue that the personable and charming young man was responsible for one the most terrifying sex-murder sprees of the 20th century. Even after suspicion fell upon Bundy, Rule was initially willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — as, alas, were so many law enforcement officials of the era. But once the truth was known, Rule embarked upon her own mea culpa campaign by going after Bundy with every resource at her disposal. Based on Rule’s 1983 bestseller of the same name.

Ann Rule: “When they arrested him in Florida, one of the cops told him he was a suspect in 36 murders, you know what Ted said? Add a digit. What does that mean, add a digit? 37 murders or is it one hundred and 36…”

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